Pause causes incorrect irrigation totals

Hi all, first post here.

I’ve been working with support but not getting much of anywhere. Here is the issue I’m having and I’m curious if others are as well and/or if there is a solution.

Let’s say zone 1 is running and set to run for 30 minutes. 15 minutes in my dogs need to go outside so I pause the irrigation. Once they are done I restart the irrigation. The issue becomes that all the time before the pause does not count toward the irrigation, so in this case the zone thinks that it only watered 15 minutes. This is true no matter where the splice happens.

Are others seeing this? Any solutions? Support has told me that they can’t recreate the issue.

As a follow up from my original post. I finally just called support and got to talk with someone, rather than the email back and forth. They were very helpful and were able to reproduce this issue and are currently escalating this to get resolved. Not sure why the first person couldn’t, but I’ve very thankful to have someone truly looking into this.