Pause button for manual control screen on app

On the app (my experience is with the iPhone), would it be possible to add a pause button to the manual control screen. This would be useful for diagnosing and repairing sprinkler heads. Often times, once a zone is running and an issue is identified, the only recourse is to press the existing stop button. Once this is done, the current zone is reset back to all zones, so that once the repair is made and you would like to resume the same zone, you have to select the zone pull down menu, select the zone (that you were just on), add some minutes, and then press start. (4 steps). A pause button, which would then turn to a resume button, would make this a one step process. Two mocked up screen shots are attached. Thanks!


Personally I would like to have button to start, stop or test a zone inside the zone config? So you can sele a zone then test it.


We have seen several requests for a zone/schedule pause feature, and it is absolutely something we are investigating. Stay tuned!

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Please do this. Its a bit like Cox Contour remote control with my cable TV. Getting a little frustrated.

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I would like to add my request for a Pause / Resume feature as it would really help for system maintenance… Looking forward to it!