Patio Covers and Zone and Weather Intelligence

So here is my problem. I have a zone that runs along the back of my house to the side fence and then takes a turn to the back corner of the back yard. The section along the back of the house is under a large patio cover. As a result it does not get any rain. The other areas do. As a result Weather Intelligence shuts off the whole circuit and the stuff under the patio cover suffers.

For now I have shut off Weather Intelligence on the circuit but Ideally it would be kind of nice to kill the pipe after it emerges from the patio cover with some sort of valve that is responsive to weather intelligence.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Yea I know I should really have another zone but thats a lot more work than just somehow installing an electrical valve and some wire that could be signaled.

So you want a zone within a zone…?

Don’t think that will ever happen. If it is a major issue, and leaving the WI off isn’t workable, run a new line and make that it’s own small zone. That’s about the only way to make that work.

Is there a way to run two circuits simultaneously and configure one to the downstream valve with weather intelligence?

No, because Rachio will not simultaneously run two zones.

How about if it was connected to a smart hub like Hubitat or IFTTT?

I don’t see how…

I do know I can see the zones on Hubitat if I configure the controller into Hubitat. I presume I can see if they are active. The real question is for Hubitat to know if weather intelligence is something that Hubitat can inquire from somewhere if so then it could tell a 12 volt relay to not fire on the downstream valve if the Zone valve is on…