PAST water totals?


Is there not a way to look at WATER USAGE for months that have past? I installed the unit in late April, perfected it in May… We’re now in the SUMMER BILLING QUARTER so I’d love to be able to have the unit show me June, July and August (my billing quarter) but it appears once a month ends, that data is gone from the portal. I can write it somewhere, but that seems silly.


I agree. I’d love to have a graph of past usage accessible in the app!

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Clicking on “-> Watering History” will give you a bar chart of past months use by time or volume. You can also download a csv of daily time and volume use. Info is daily totals – not by zone.



Holy crap, that’s awesome. Not sure how I missed it. Thanks!!


In the app? It doesn’t show a graph/chart for me.

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Nvm, I found it via the web-app. Thanks!

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