Past runs in Rachio app -- Are these accurate or are my schedules not running?

Kind of confused of where to begin but I’m not sure any of my schedules are running. I have Rachio Gen3 controller.

On iPhone App here is a sample of my upcoming runs within the schedule:

However if I access Past runs here is what it shows:

So the problem with this supposed smart watering system is it hasn’t run all week according to the past run history, yet being scheduled in most cases to run 2x/day. I don’t know how to rectify this issue since the only way to actually have the lawn watered is to manually activate the specific schedule similar to when I did this last week:

How do I appropriately troubleshoot this problem?

Here is my Calendar for proposed runs and as you can see, it doesn’t appear anything anything has actually run:

Your rain sensor is on which is stopping it currently from running.

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