Password Reset

Something has happened to my login account. I can no longer login nor can I reset my account password. Can someone assist with restoring this for me?

@jz6pwc - I’d email and ask for help. Most of the folks on the community are end users and don’t have access to do that. That should be faster than waiting for one of the Rachio support folks to trip across the post.

The same thing happened to me. I’ve tried multiple times to reset my password but I never receive a reset link. I’ve checked my spam folders even though Rachio emails normally don’t get directed there.

I emailed support but haven’t heard back. The chat option leads to the support page. I will try to call directly.:roll_eyes:

@jz6pwc @jetserf

Hey friends,

Lo at Rachio here! Did you get this resolved by our Support team? If not, have you tried using your email instead of your username to login or reset your password?

Lo :rachio:


Yes it’s all fixed now. Thank you.


Great to hear! Have an awesome rest of your day @jetserf! :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem, I have not received a reset email. I checked every folder


Can you DM me the email address you are using?


think,that’s the one,we used.,


I think the team found the correct email address and messaged it to you.


Same issue. New account. I was in the process of setting up zones with landscaper on iphone, and he had to have me sign back in. I never received a welcome email when I created the account on my iphone. I scanned the barcode, and started setting zones. When I sign in, Rachio doesn’t remember my password. When I submit the forgot pw request, Rachio never sent the email with the pw reset link.


Can you private message me the serial number of the controller? I can have the team lookup what email address was used for your account.


Thank you,
I called the support line ‭(844) 472-2446‬ and the team reset the account.
What I still don’t understand is why after multiple requests the application never sent the reset pw link to my registered account email. Very happy with the support, and feel lucky for the help while my landscaper was setting up the system.

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