Partially working zone

I’m almost certain these were working with our previous rainbird controller. With my rachio 3 controller, only 1 of the 3 heads in a zone work. They’re different sprinkler heads and wondering if this is an issue with the controller or something else.

If all three are on the same zone and only one works, it seems like the heads might be clogged, maybe pressure issue (seems unlikely), broken pipe (seems unlikely), blocked pipe (seems unlikely), or some other issue.

Hey Thomas, thanks for your response. What’s the best way to determine if it’s a clog?

Do I take off the head, run the zone and see if there’s a sign of water?

That is what I would do, take off the nozzle of one of the heads. What sprinklers do you have? Some have filters in the sprinkler. Another possibility is that the adjustment on the sprinklers are adjusted close (seems kind of unlikely someone would do that).

I believe they are toro sprinkler heads. I took them off, cleaned them and still no luck. I am wondering if they’re wired incorrectly or there is some pipe damage to those two heads.

With the wiring into the Rachio 3, is there any use case of putting two wires into one zone? I do have a wire into Zone 12, but we only have 11 active zones so I am wondering if this wire has something to do with it.

That is too bad cleaning did not take care of it.

I am not sure if I understood the two questions, but will try. Each valve uses two wires, “common” and “hot” (24 VAC). Both are needed to open the valve. Are you positive the zone has three sprinkler heads and only one is operational? Could there be a manual valve or something between the operational head and the two non-operational. Concerning the wire into zone 12, do you know where your valves are to be able to count? Do you know if you had 12 operating zones with the Rain Bird?