Partial waterings

This may be a consideration for a FUTURE future enhancement, but what about partial waterings for days when it rains but below the given threshold? So, if it rains 1/8 inch, maybe I still get my watering, but at half the normal rate.

@bwjordan, Flex schedules in 2.0 will account for these situations (coming soon!) Watering times won’t change, but the frequency of watering will. It’ll be automagical :smile:

Does this address your question?

to further clarrify what @emil was saying :
lets use an analog of engines:
lets say this is the current schedule system at work
now here is flex schedule at work

any questions?

hahaha, i know, i know, im an idiot

I think there are about 5 heads in each zone. @emil. Thanks for any suggestions. BTW, this was taken about 6pm, so the shade on the grass is only there for an hour or two - (in other words, 7am - 5pm, it’s full sun). The shrubs get sun for about half the day.

holy fuck, im totally shocked someone would put misters out there in the yard like that. i mean, i can understand it if the section of turf was too small to cover with a roter, you do not have good coverage. this explain why there is stress damage in the lower right hand corner of this pic. it looks as if water is not getting there but the sunlight is.

edit: if that was my yard, i would cap the misters on the same zone not in the turf and swap the turf misters out with rotors.

Can we hire you to do customer yard audits?


hahahahha, yea, sure, i would rather write code for you guys though, that seems fun, come on man, let me build you a cep engine to handle all updates on the back end using an actor model.

i have done it here to manage software defined data centers and it brings a lot of head aches but the real time capabilities are unmatched in maximizing your hardware’s available resources by removing poll events that are just outright lazy…

i know i know, your weather data is not streamed in real time so it doesnt help much.


i dont even know what you mean, i just assumed that you were receiving weather data in bulk/batch capacity because it seems to be the cheapest and you are a startup that has been gracious enough to not charge us a monthly cloud humping fee, so, i made some serious assumptions by stating your weather update are not real time updates.

As close to real time as possible (limited by weather service), but I’d like to find something better than relying on static weather stations :wink:

last time i tried chicken guts or specific native american dances, my yard burned up…

@bwjordan, just curious, what type of heads do you have along the street? Do you know if you’re getting head to head coverage? Looks like the heads are pretty far apart which results in poor coverage.

Some overlap, but definitely not head-to-head. They are mister-type.

yea, drop in a few 360 and 2 180 rotors and i bet that damage at the bottom right corner will heal up over 0.5 season.

i like turf more than bush, so i would shut off the misters in the flower beds and save up for a separate zone to run the flower beds and install rotors.

at the very least you need to double/triple your mister count in that zone.

@bwjordan, if you’re interested in getting some future retro plans, there are a few sprinkler system design tools available online:




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