Partial Run Instead of Total Skip for Fixed Schedule

One thing I would like to see changed is how a Rain Skip works on a fixed schedule. Instead of skipping and entire schedule when a small amount of rain is either forecast or measured, I would like to see the Rachio 3 to run a shortened schedule to “top off” the soil moisture bucket instead of skipping it entirely. The logic is that at the conclusion of a schedule execution, the soil moisture bucket should be full, not left in a partially depleted state.

My scenario is a pure sand environment in central Florida with a 2 day per week watering restriction, (Thurs and Sunday). When the Rachio skips either of these days due to Rain Skip, the lawn can get pretty crunchy before the next scheduled run unless an afternoon shower helps out. This leads to manual rogue watering periods. If the Rachio would adjust to a shortened run time instead of a skip, this SHOULD help.


I have the same restrictions(two day) and I’m using flex daily and it did exactly that this morning ran 4 of my zones for 3-4 minutes and totally skipped my native area zone. I wish it had skipped everything just based on the forecast(low 90’s w/ chance of showers) but I get why it didn’t b/c it has to make it to Saturday morning. I was going to do a manual skip last night but wanted to see how it would water.

Let me look into Flex Daily.