Ownership transfer-programming

I was a shared user on someones timers. She says that her account on her phone now suddenly has my new installation on my residence, and my account name. She is essentially locked out of her account. This all occurred when I finally put a Gen.3 at my house. If I transfer the ownership of her timers back to her, will the program remain? I don’t want to delete all the programming and have to walk her through the complete set up…again.

No worries, you can transfer ownership, you wont lose data and keep your shared access. There is a little confusion when it asks you the two questions, I check both.

However, sounds like you shared your controller to her, or the ownership adding the new controller and somehow overriding the account address, or data. I sometimes pick up data from other accounts , click transfer and I have another address data at a new installation because I did it too quickly or had poor connectivity while programing.

Pretty difficult for her to get locked out of her account. But things happens as you have now. Before you transferring, she should make sure she has the correct email she set up her account and app with and I would just call it in and have customer service transfer ownership back to her and you keep your shared access. That way whatever got crossed gets uncrossed.

Albeit that, check to make sure your the owner of your controller and Serial #. She should delete yours from her app. then you could can do the transferring yourself without the call in, I just wouldn’t do anything with out her removing your data, and controller from her app. I would also have her update wifi settings.