Overwatering a container

I am trying to get my zone set up to support watering container vegetables. I have set the zone to dynamic monthly. I also converted the GPH of my emitters to nozzle inches/hr and set that plus the areas on advanced settings. Those are the only things I have changed.

Based on a moisture monitor I have installed, the observed percent moisture was too high so I increased the nozzle inches/hr to try and apply less water.

I went back into the app today and found that the Rachio-calculated moisture is 110%, my meter says it’s 90%, and the nozzle inches/hr is set back to where it was before I increased it.

I know that some of the advanced settings are calculated when you have dynamic monthly enabled. Does that include the nozzle inches/hour setting? Is there some other way I should dial-back the amount of watering (like decrease the area) if the observed moisture is measuring too high? Should I turn off dynamic monthly?

My tomatoes are starting to show signs of root rot, so I need to get this sorted right away!

The inches per hour shouldn’t adjust for any reason regardless of schedule type. Is it possible that the settings just didnt save for some reason?

Also, ehat type of emitters do you have, and what do you have your inches per hour set to?

I’m a rookie, but I do know that my emitters are rated in gallons/hour, not inches. What’s the difference? Thanks.

Well, what gph are they? And what was the inches oer hour that you came up with?