Overvolted my Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler. Need to fix circuit

Recently, I bought a Rachio 3 sprinkler system. Living overseas, I have a common voltage of 220 volts, as opposed to the 110 volts the Rachio 3’s transformer was designed for. When testing the Rachio, I overlooked this fact, and smoke came out of the power-in port. I had it plugged in for about 3 seconds, but the damage was done. In the aftermath and after examining the circuit board, I was thankful to notice there were only 2 parts “fried”/“burnt”: the power-in port (an easy fix) and a component with “100 B1E.” written on it. This component I could not find online, and I was hoping to find help here. Below, I will attach an image of the board and highlighted said component. Any and all help will be appreciated!

P.S. I have a moderate understanding and what I consider to be a decent skill at soldering, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

@Gene - Do you know the component that @HotPepa calls out?

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This is a resettable fuse, and it’s unlikely to have failed by itself. It’s likely that an MOV has failed, shoring power to the ground, and tripping the fuse.
If you have a multimeter, try measuring resistance across the fuse when it’s at an ambient temperature.
Also measure resistance across a part directly to the left of it (between the hole and the terminal), that’s an MOV which is likely been the part that actually failed.
Also mention what country you are at, if possible, I’ll try to provide a local resource.

Here is the topic (link), with relevant part links. Keep in mind that simply replacing the fuse may not solve your problem if issue lies elsewhere.
I discuss a way to troubleshoot your controller using canned air here (link), see if it helps pinpoint a cause of your issues.

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