Overseeding watering not showing in moisture level forecast

I decided to leave my flex daily schedules running after my lawn was overseeded and just add three fixed daily schedules to do the overseeding watering. All is working fine for the actual watering, but the moisture level details/graph forecasts do not reflect that the fixed daily watering is going to occur. Everything appears to be getting recorded after the fact just fine.

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Along the same lines of @Linn’s thoughts, why are the moisture graphs not available when I only run fixed schedules during reseeding? @franz - is this inherently not feasible, or will this be part of the next round of upgrades next year? Except for the watering decision itself, all the data elements as far as I can see would be available, including forecast. Am I missing something?

As clarification, the exact same zones are active in BOTH flex daily and fixed daily schedules.

A current limitation in the software, I see the use case but hard to implement :wink:

At some point of sophistication I could see this being reviewed.

Disabling the moisture graph is a decision we made earlier this year. There are no technical limitations to displaying it for every schedule type. IMHO we made some assumptions this year that weren’t very well tested. We are rebuilding our client apps as well as our cloud infrastructure from the ground up. Anything and everything is on the table at this point. The engineering team is working with our product team on defining a product that will be tested and validated by consumers before we make any design decisions. Will definitely keep this in mind for next year.


@franz, I personally would love to have the moisture charts available for anyone. My hope would be that it might give people more confidence to move to flex daily, or to better understand how best to handle watering with some of the restrictions placed on people. On the other hand, for those users who just want total turnkey, it might be too confusing for them.

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