Overseeding tomorrow. How to set up my Rachio 3


Last year I had the Rachio 3 set up as Flex Daily. If I switch to Fixed will I lose all the settings of the Flex Daily when I switch Back?

How should I set up Fixed to handle overseeding? We live in West Michigan so it’s cool now but is getting warmer. I’m truly excited about our lawn this year, primarily because of the Rachio 3.


you can set up Fixed schedules in addition to & supplemental to your Flex schedule for zones. If so, then you’d preserve zone & schedule history. It’s been a while since I’ve done this but I think Flex will take into account watering from the Fixed schedules too. So Flex might delay its scheduled watering while the Fixed schedules keep your seeds moist. Don’t turn on saturation skip for the Fixed schedule(s)


Some additional details on seeding to consider (this speaks to a new lawn, not overseeding, but perhaps some concepts can be transferred). You’ll likely have to live with the sprinklers watering at night, though, if using the hourly interval. Or manually turn off the schedule at night and turn back on in the morning (I know, easy to forget but Reminders apps & reoccurring reminders might be helpful).


Thanks for your help, Kubisuro.