Overseeding Schedule in Massachusetts?

Hi folks,

Very excited to try out my new Iro. (I haven’t used my irrigation system in 3 years because I could never figure out the controller!) I just overseeded my lawn and know I am supposed to water the lawn twice a day for a period of time, but I have no idea how long that should be.

My Iro set up an initial schedule of 1h 51m of watering every three days at 5AM, so I changed it to every day and added a second watering schedule at 7PM doing the same thing.

I don’t want to soak my lawn, so if anyone has any suggestions for modifications of my schedule, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!



Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate you purchasing our device.

Would you be willing to reach out to our support team at support@rachio.com. If you provide your username and email address associated with your Rachio account we can review everything more in depth.


Hi Kevin,

I spoke to one of your customer support reps this afternoon, and he said that you guys don’t provide support on setting up customized schedules.

Perhaps there was a miscommunication?



Thanks for the reply. Sorry about that. Maybe they were mistaken on what you were looking for.

I can certainly review and help you setup some specifics if need be.


@daveinmass, good morning! Happy to help recommend a watering schedule for you. Do you happen to know what type of grass seed you have?

I assume this is the total watering time for all of the zones on the watering time? Remember, the Iro doesn’t decrease the duration if you change the watering frequency from every 3 days to every day. We’ll need to override that manually. Let me know if you need help with this.

It’s important to keep the grass seed wet, but do not want to drown it, or worst, have puddling which causes the seed to lift away from the dirt and float away. Do you have anything covering the seed? i.e. light layer of hay/straw, grass clippings, etc?

Hi @emil,


I am using Jonathan Green’s Sun and Shade Mixture and Dense Shade Mixture.

I understand that the Iro doesn’t decrease the duration if I change the watering frequency, and I’ve figured out how to override this using the Rachio iPhone app

I don’t have anything covering the seed at all. I seeded and fertilized on Friday, and have used a schedule where I water at 5AM, noon, and 3:30PM for 30 minutes per zone each watering cycle with Smart Cycle, but I am now concerned that this is too much water. (I just noticed some puddling on one of the zone today.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!