Overlapping Zone Settings

I did a search and have seen this asked a couple of times, but the answers have never been very clear.

In my backyard, I have a long narrow strip of grass that is being irrigate by two zones. One zone on the South edge and one Zone on the North edge that overlap head to head across the entire area.

If I am using Flex daily, should I double Nozzle Inches Per Hour setting to ensure I am not overwatering the area?

In an ideal situation, every head should touch every adjoining head whether in the same or different zone. This would mean, again ideally, that every location on the lawn gets an equal amount of water even where to zones overlap. Consequently, I personally would not change my settings in that or other situations as long as they overlap as properly as possible.

@Thomas_Lerman is correct. Usually sprinkler specs assume overlap between heads, as that is the best practice for installation. Strips are always hard if it is only wide enough for sprinklers on one side of the strip, since you can’t really get the good overlap.

I’d say keep an eye on it. You might need to tweak things just a bit.

I have one strip going from the front sidewalk to the gate to the backyard. It is not that wide and planned it with sprinklers on both sides of the strip, all on the same zone. It seems to work great.

How would I enter the settings based on a catch cup test for this situation?

Run BOTH zones and enter the results as the PR in each of them?

If it were me…I would worry about the catch cups in the area where you don’t have overlap. Yes, the area of overlap will probably get more water, but if you include that into the numbers, you will probably end up underwatering the rest of the grass.

The entire area has overlap between the two zones.

Sorry, totally misread your original post. I thought the zones were next to each other, not across the strip.

Then yes, run both zones to get the total precipitation rate.

If you can’t do a catch cup then you could try doubling the application rate of both zones over the sprinkler head spec. That will make rachio water each zone half as much.