Overlapping fixed schedules?

I recently did a front yard reno, with a complete re-seed.
A week later, I seeded my back yard and pool area. So, my front yard is a week ahead of my other 2 turf zones.

Until now, I had all of my zones in a single “new grass seed” fixed schedule. Start at 7am, and run 5 minutes every 2.5 hours. I do a manual cycle/soak of 5m / 2h25m until 5pm.

Now that my front yard is about 2-2.5" in length, I want to break it out into it’s own fixed schedule for the next week or so since it probably needs more water at once, but less frequently.

My question is: if I have multiple fixed schedules with a long soak cycle that runs 7am to 5pm, will they properly overlap, or will it wait for 1 fixed schedule to complete (at 5pm) before kicking off the second fixed schedule?

If they don’t overlap, is there a better way to set up multiple, overlapping fixed schedules without creating a new schedule for every time I want the sprinklers to run?

edit: I set up the 2 fixed schedules and see it does run one at 7am and the second starting at 5pm, which I obviously don’t want. Is there a way to overlap 2 fixed schedules? It seems the manual cycle/ long soak is causing them to run serially rather than in parallel.

I’ve always set up multiple fixed schedules for exactly this reason. Don’t hold me to it, but I’m pretty sure a long cycle soak for a schedule will act as one LONG run, and won’t allow anything to run in between.

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Yep, it indeed does act as a long run. Looks like I’ll have to do it the annoying way of creating multiple fixed schedules every couple hours.

Like I mentioned in another thread…I’ve found this works best as I can begin disabling schedules to drop the frequency down as the seed germinates, then starts growing. As the seed starts sprouting, there is no need for hourly watering.