Overlaping Scheduled

Is it possible to configure the rachio irrigation controller to ignore a scheduled runtime if another schedule overlaps it and the zone has already run? For example, I have two schedules set. One runs all zones for 45 minutes twice a week. A second schedule runs only Zone 1 every other day for 20 minutes. There are days in which the zone 1 schedule runs right after the 45 minute schedule, which isn’t needed. I could setup a manual schedule for zone 1 and select which days to run it, but I figured that the controller would be smart enough to know that zone 1 doesn’t need another 20 minutes of water on the days that all zones receive 45 minutes? The two schedules are set to start at the same time. Thanks.

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I don’t know of a way to set up the zone 1 schedule to get skipped when the zone has already been watered on the same day. Perhaps it could be done with an integration script, maybe someone else will comment.

I would simply remove zone 1 from your all zone schedule and adjust the zone 1 schedule duration to compensate, if you want a different watering frequency for zone 1.

You might want to change your zone 1 start time if you use weather intelligence ‘skip’ features. I have seen reports in this community that skips may affect other schedules that start at the same time.

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