Over seeding or new sod setting?

Hi. I just read an article on Rachio app about overseeding. Great information but the article tells me how to overseed but not much about how to set up Rachio settings to make sure seeds take root. Wouldn’t it be great if after I overseed, I can set a zone as just over seeded and the system takes over to give my zone just the right amount of water to keep the seeds (or sod for that matter) growing? It would be an awesome feature for a system that makes decisions for me. Taking me out of the process. Hope that makes sense. Does not sound like a impossible ask. Thank you!


Yes. Very much this. Even a help file to say this is the recommended path to set up a schedule.

I recently submitted a request for a New Sod setup. Tell them the type of grass and which zones and it should create a schedule specific to new sod maintenance. I agree should just be an option.