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Hello. Just ordered a Rachio 3 for an outside install . There is an existing covered gfi outlet which my old Weathermatic was connecting to. Can I just plug the rachio power supply into the existing outlet or wire a plug :electric_plug: into the enclosure and plug the adapter into the inside enclosure outlet??Thanks

The Rachio power supply is a wall wart that can plug into an outlet, but do not believe the wall wart or wire are rated for outdoor (exposed to the elements). I just realized you did not say where the GFCI outlet is. If outside, you should be able to get an electrician to run conduit from the GFCI box to the enclosure. I do not remember if the enclosure actually comes with the pigtail needed for that. Pictures might be helpful.

I don’t know if you can see this photo. The gfi outlet is right below the module. I’ve read on this forum
Some plug the adapter right into the gfi outlet . The outlet has a cover on it. Some wire a plug to the outlet into box then plugged the adapter to that outlet ins it de the box. I will take the plug off the Weathermatic

Definitely the easiest thing would be to plug the adapter directly into the GFI and close the cover, run the wire the short distance into the Rachio enclosure to plug into the Rachio. Maybe the low voltage with the wires is not enough to be concerned about the weather. I am just not sure. Maybe someone else will respond.

Should not be to hard to wire the pig tail into the waterproof enclosure. When I get the unit I’ll decide what I’m going to do . Thank You for your advice appreciate it.

I agree and it sounds like you have that knowledge. The only thing I am not sure of is what the code says about that.

I think I will be fine with the code. The plug is pig tailed into the Weathermatic box .

@Tc6string1 - Rachio actually makes an external enclosure that will hold the transformer and the Rachio. There is a plug inside the external enclosure, so you could connect the a pig tail plug from there to the GFI plug below - probably similar to the existing Weathermatic situation. I think it would be in code, but I’m no NEC expert.

That’s what I did. Use the cord from the Weathermatic which was heavy duty . I pigtailed it to weather proof case and plugged the adapter into the outlet inside the case. Took about half hour . I love it. Great for anybody that had Weathermatic Wi-Fi panel to switch since Weathermatic took away the Wi-Fi capabilities


Great to get rid of that Weathermatic Wi-Fi panel since they don’t support wifi anymore

@Tc6string1 Great job! I had a little chuckle mentioning the Weathermatic pigtail; Being a Rachio Pro and and a Licensed Landscape & Irrigation contractor I would do the same retrofit as your photos depict on my service calls and installations with @DLane suggested the Outdoor Enclosure.
Looking at your photo’s I thought it was one of my job photo’s.

Besides all the benefits of installing a Rachio I would always enjoy Harvesting the pigtails, and the power supplies from WM controllers and enjoyed one less brick on the wall, as I added my Rachio’s functionality to my app for my sites, my clients landscape needs with my water conservation, Rachio data, and flexibility to my Irrigations systems and Plant Water requirements, and water management it all becomes a WIN! Welcome to the family.


Thanks. Actually filled the holes in the hardy board left from the Weathermatic bracket with some wood filler sanded and painted that day. That Weathermatic cord is a high quality chord! I can see why you replace a lot of weathermatics since they discontinued their Wi-Fi with the only option being cellular service which is not cheap with all the hardware required and fees for the cellular . I should of done this a year ago

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