Outdoor Motion Sensor to scare away Rabbits

I have been doing a little research and it appears I may be able to do what I hope can be done…possibly with the proper guidance from you. The rabbits are destroying my lawn at night and I wold like to have a motion sensor trigger my zone 1 in my generation 3 Rachio controller to scare them away. If you have knowledge of some of your. Customers successfully doing this, I would appreciate the guidance. Thank you…

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Yeah, and I’d like to have a zone come on when a certain dog owner and dog walk down my sidewalk. The owner does NOT pick up after the pooch poops and varies her time of walk.

You’ll need to buy a motion sensor that is ifttt compatible. Then create a custom rachio schedule that runs the zone or zones you want for a few minutes. Create an ifttt recipe that basically goes like this: if motion sensed then run rachio schedule.

Rabbits might enjoy the water though.

Have a stern talk with her. If that doesn’t work, take the poop and put it back on her door step. If that doesn’t work, leave the poop on your lawn and pour bacon grease on it. The dog won’t be able to resist it and will eat it right in front of the owner. I guarantee you that solves it from first hand experience.