Outdoor install

I’m trying to install the unit outside to replace an Orbit unit which plugs directly into a nearby outdoor outlet. The Rachio outdoor enclosure show a plug inside the enclosure but does it also include a plug that I can extend from the Rachio outdoor enclosure to my existing outlet?

Existing unit:

Outdoor enclosure link:

The instruction shows hardwiring which I can’t support since I already have an outdoor outlet. I need a similar plug from the enclosure to my existing plug.

Hi @dougpark464, thanks for reaching out!

That’s a great question. The answer is no, but yes :wink: – I’ll explain:

  • No, the recommended Rachio enclosures do not have pigtails coming out of them to support a direct plugin to an existing plug. They were designed to be hardwired.
  • Yes, however, this CAN be accomplished (and pretty easily). You would need need to grab a power cord (i.e. this one from Home Depot) that you could hardwire into the enclosure to serve as a jumper between the enclosure and your existing outlet.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions we can help answer.

Best, Emil

Thank you for your help! The power cord option looks perfect.

Few more questions:

  1. Does the power cord indicate neutral and hot markings so I can plug them appropriately into the outlet terminals in the outdoor enclosure? Also, I’m assuming I can connect the power cord directly to the outlet terminals?

  1. Should I use the strain relief clamp that comes with the power cord?

  2. For outdoor enclosures, do you recommend the one in the support article or from Orbit? The Orbit one looks a bit smaller but wanted to check to see if one is better than the other. I’m assuming both would accommodate a wireless rain sensor receiver? Thank you.


Option 2 from support article:

@dougpark464 Good questions! @emil thoughts? :wink:

Hello all,

@dougpark464, I installed A Rachio Iro system at my home and as I have stated before I love the product. My existing sprinkler controller was located outside so I needed a weatherproof box. The only one my Home Depot or Lowes seemed to have was the Orbit model you posted above. I purchased this and realized it was too small for the Rachio Iro without modifications. The Iro’s power plug (the part that goes into the controller) stuck out a bit too far and did not allow the door to close. I simply used my home drill to cut a groove in the door where the plug could sit. It seems to work great for my purposes but I would not recommend the same Orbit box if you can help it. It was also a bit tricky to wire because of space issues at my home but that might be something that was unique to me. My best advice would be to get a bigger box.

Hope this helped.


@utemorley2012 Thanks for the timely post. We are researching different options and this helps.

Have a great day!


Hi @dougpark464, I’ll do my best to answer your questions below:

Hmm, good catch. It doesn’t look like the power cord pictured has different colored wires. One should be labeled neutral and hot. Maybe we can find a better power cord option if not. And yes, the power cord would be connected directly into the outlet terminals.

No, this shouldn’t be needed as both enclosure options have they own built in.

As @utemorley2012 mentioned, the Orbit enclosure works but requires modifications. If I personally had to pick between one or the other, I’d use the bigger enclosure.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any any other questions or concerns. Happy to help in any way I can.

Best, Emil