Outdoor Enclosure

Has anyone installed the Gen 2 controller inside of the official weatherproof enclosure and had issues get the cover of the controller off to manually water?

I believe our intentions were if the controller was in the enclosure that a cover would not be used. I havent tried that yet :wink:


Thanks Franz. Turns out there were no instructions with the enclosure other than what is on the back of the box. Thus, I was stumped. The Rachio team provided me with the below article. The article states in the bottom not to install the cover.

Lastly, where do the washers go? I speculate they go between the controller and the enclosure.

@pkleinlsu, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like we should move the warning to the top of the article?

I installed the enclosure. I used the washers with the screws that mounted the enclosure directly to my stucco wall. I believe these washers to keep water from entering.

Also, I think if you put the white cover onto the unit while it is mounted inside the enclosure, good luck removing the white cover because it is a tight fit. So don’t use that cover.

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I did and here’s my hack for the cover in the enclosure.

It is a good looking front cover plate :wink:


I didn’t get any washers or seals for the bottom holes for the electric. Were they supposed to be included?

@bobnunny, I believe you’re referring to the conduit knockouts. If so, we do not include these as we’re expecting conduit to be connected to the enclosure.

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