Outdoor Enclosure Question

I am getting all my “stuff” ready to install my Rachio. My question is the web site mentions an Strain relief bushing for the Outdoor Enclosure.
What size bushing is this and can someone recommend one that I can get lets say at home depot since I don’t need a pack of 5

Hi Herman!

The strain relief bushing that we recommend through the Outdoor Installation support article you’ve mentioned has a diameter of 7/8in (0.875in).

Hope this helps!

I understand the size etc. however the brand that rachio recommends that I use with the install is impossible to find in my local Home Depot .
The link to Amazon requires that I buy a pack of 5, with is really a waste.
One piece usually sells for less than a dollar, on Amazon in lots,of 5 its in excess of $15, any suggestions as to an alternative brand ?

Call an electrical supply house in your city. They might be able to sell you 1 or refer you to an electrician that might.