Outdoor Enclosure Gen 2/3 Installation

I currently have a Gen 1 Rachio mounted in an outdoor enclosure and I am looking at upgrading, but can’t figure out if I need a new outdoor enclosure or not. Hoping someone can help.

My current outdoor enclosure has almost exactly 9-1/4" width, which is also the stated width of the Gen 2/3 unit. Do I need any clearance/air space around the sides of the unit? My outdoor enclosure has much more height available in it. Can the Gen 2/3 be mounted vertically instead of horizontally?

I’ve search both the knowledge base and the community and can’t find an answer anywhere.

Hey @Linn-

It sounds like you should be fine… do you have a picture perhaps? You don’t need much clearance around the Rachio 3, as faceplate is magnetic with a rocker so you can just press a corner to pull it off.

McKynzee :rachio:

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This is my current Gen 1 in it’s enclosure.


Looks just like my two installs!

Any idea if a Gen 2/3 will fit in there?

I have a gen 2 unit in that same enclosure so I can confirm that it fits (although there isn’t much space on the sides).

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Thanks! Glad to hear this!

That’s one good looking Gen1 installation!

As @dblagent007 mentioned, it’ll be a tight fit on the sides but you shouldn’t have a problem reusing the enclosure with Rachio 3 :+1: