Outdoor enclosure for dual Rachio installation

We recently moved into a new home that has about 20 zones, so we’ll need a 2nd Rachio… The current system has 120V wired to the controller outside. I’m looking for recommendations on a cabinet that would hold 2 Rachio timers to keep a nice & clean install.

There was a very promising solution from Orbit, but it is too small: Gray Outdoor Timer Cabinet

Any pointers or recommendations are appreciated!

If you haven’t already come up with a solution, I’d recommend getting 2 Rachio outdoor boxes and link them together using PVC conduit and/or Liquid Tight Flexible conduit.

You can mount on wall 2 2 gang waterproof plastic boxes. Bring high voltage into one and from there a PVC conduit to each rachio box electrical knockout. Do same with low voltage wires to the right hand knockout.

Thanks for the pointers! I ended up using another external enclosure and wiring in 2 outlets internally. Then drilled a mounting plate for the Rachio’s. It’s not perfect, but the look on the outside is nice and clean! Here’s hoping we get support for multiple Rachio’s on the same schedule soon… Trying to keep these from colliding on hot days is a pain.


Nice job. My only comment would be to be NEC compliant, the high voltage connections (wire nuts) should be in a box.

I had to use a customers gutted out Sterling controller box to put my 2 Rachio Gen 3 controllers into. They did not want any more holes in the wall since they had to patch all previous holes from other controllers that were there.

I will get some pics to show how this came about.

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