Outdoor enclosure AC pigtail

I’m getting ready for my outdoor install. I noticed the AC outdoor rated pigtail that’s listed below is actually indoor rated according to Amazon. Is this still the correct one to use for an outdoor installation?


@dougpark464 - the alternate listing says indoor and outdoor - for what that’s worth.

Yes, I ordered the alternate option but shipping is not as fast as Amazon prime option. Unfortunate there’s no Amazon option for an outdoor rated pigtail…

@dougpark464 - one option would be to buy an outdoor rated extension cord of the appropriate length and then cut off the female plug end to create the pig tail end by stripping back the covering and wire insulation.

Such as:


I received the alternate option in time. Good news is they have 3 feet option which works better. And comes with cable retention in the package. Now just waiting for the rachio 3 to arrive.

I’d recommend using PVC and a terminal adapter/nut. Like and electrician would. Safer in the long run and will protect the line voltage wire better.

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