Outdoor Dog Kennel Water Misters

Looking for an advice on how to set up outside temperature based schedule. I have an outside Dog kennel (2 dogs, 200sq.ft, So Cal area) that has water misters installed on the perimeter. I just recently purchased Rachio 2nd gen, 8 zone. I have connected one of the zones/valve specifically dedicated to water mister. I can manually/remotely control misters.

The goal is automate zone schedule based on the local outdoor temperature, force it only to run when temperature above 90+F and on the week days<.

Note: Also I was trying to use my smartthings in combination with rachio and outdoor temp sensor to no success so far.


Something like IFTTT might work for you.


Thanks, researched about IFTTT.
-Downloaded IFTTT app
-allowed IFTTT to control only outdoor temp sensor from smartthings (if condition)
-allowed IFTTT to control rachio outdoor kennel zone (else-action condition)
Will test it tomorrow during the day

It should be doable but may take some work if someone from the SmartThings community hasn’t already made a module for Rachio. I use HomeSeer and there’s a Rachio plug-in that accesses their API. If have Z-Wave sensors that do heat/humidify (indoor ones however) and could trigger a Rachio zone based on their readings.

@AndreiV - I haven’t looked at the Rachio IFTTT applet yet, but you may need to specify a time for the zone to run. If so, you might specify a time long enough to cover the entire possible period and then use a second IFTTT to stop watering (i.e. stop watering when its raining) when the temperature drops below a setpoint. I do a similar thing for a plug that controls a fan for my dogs (not sure how much they appreciate the effort - they haven’t mentioned it). Of course while any other zone is running the mister zone can’t run and when the mister zone is running no other zone can run.

If you have Alexa and Rachio is programmed to it I’m wondering if you tell it “ turn on Rachio zone 6 if temperature is 95 degrees or higher. Might just work !

I ended up using Stringify, 3 flow system:
1st flow: WHEN trigger (temp sensor over 90F), SET variable temp_90 to TRUE, proceed to flow #2.

2nd flow: loop itself 15 min On / 15 min off watering while variable temp_90 is true

3rd flow: WHEN temp falls below 90F sets variable to false

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