Order status question - new customer

Hello! I ordered a Rachio Gen 3 plus Flow Meter on May 12th and I have not received any update in regards to shipping. When I placed my order, there was text on the page saying that all orders would ship in 3-5 days. Tomorrow would be day 5 and I’m a little nervous because now I see that the Rachio Gen 3 plus Flow Meter cannot be ordered anymore (there’s a wait list option listed).

I ordered on Sunday thinking that I would definitely have the Flow Meter in hand for my backflow preventer install at the end of next week. Now, I’m getting a little nervous. Can someone tell me what the status is of my order? Thanks.

@romeobob2 - PM your order number to @laura.bauman and she may be able to give you some intel. Rachio got crushed with larger than expected sales on their Earth Day sale and had some supply chain challenges.


Thank you @DLane! I sent @laura.bauman a PM.