Orbit watering kits-valves

I have several of the watering valves that comes with the “Complete yard watering Kit”. The kit is 58911 (first link below). The water valves are 58874 (second link below).
Do you think I could remove the plugs on these valves and wire them into my Rachio just like my normal irrigation watering valves? I am not sure if there are any electrical differences between my normal irrigation watering valves and these. Any ideas?


I have seen these valves a few times and the Orbit water valve you have operates on 24 volts DC. The standard irrigation controllers and valves operate on 24 volts AC. Your valves operate by applying +24v to open the valve, and -24v to close the valve. It uses a latch solenoid, drawing power only when you open or close it and it just needs power for a fraction of a second. You cannot apply continuous power to the valve because it will smoke in a few seconds and burn out. Because of the voltage and operational differences of your valves, I believe they will not work with the Iro.


Thanks. I did some more digging around and found the exact info.

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Robert here from Oklahoma City. These are battery powered products for hose irrigation. Suggest you return this and find a good wholesale irrigation supply house that will sell to homeowners. Everyone in the industry has their favorite valve, but I really like the Irritrol 2400 or 205 valves. They have been manufacturered since 1969. You will need PVC or poly pipe, multi strand 18 gauge wire, pop up sprays and gear drive rotors. Watch videos from the major manufacturers. That will help too. THEN YOUR RACHIO WILL BE READY TO ROCK AND ROLL

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