Orbit solenoid

Need to replace the solenoid but home depot doesn’t have one with a long enough thread. Any help to find one that works?

old one in pictures.

Have you tried replacement Orbit solenoid?


Thread length is not as important, the active part is the spring loaded plunger. As such solenoid can adjust to a wide variety of valves, with threads being there just to hold it in place.

It made a difference because I couldn’t get a seal.

Looks like your old solenoid is attached to some sort of adapter, rain bird from the looks of it, can you take a picture of your old valve to confirm?

If you already have a replacement orbit solenoid, you could try unscrewing the adapter from the old solenoid to use with the new. Specifically, this is the part that looks like an adapter:

Hold on to it, and turn the solenoid counter clockwise to separate the two.

Otherwise try the rain bird solenoid: