Option to "Postpone" watering?

I currently use an odd day schedule per my township watering restrictions (not the new flex schedule) with all of the skips and smart features enabled.

Every Tuesday my lawn is mowed, and to prevent damage I need to avoid watering on Tuesday mornings. Is there a way to pre-pone or postpone waterings to the next odd day automatically if the next scheduled water day is on a Tuesday? Currently I believe the only way to handle this is for myself to manually (or using ifttt) enter a rain delay/skip on Tuesdays and the manually water on the next odd day?

This is correct. The only way to skip Tuesdays if you have an odd interval is to use IFTTT or set a manual rain delay.


I’d like to request a feature allowing the flexibility to turn off a specific day during the week, or every other week when a Gardener comes or the grass is going to be cut.

Here’s another scenario that could be a problem with this timer. Last summer our water district limited watering during hot summer months to Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, before 9:00 AM or after 7:00 PM. If those types of drought limitations were to be put in place again, I’m not seeing a way to use the Rachio to accomplish this. Is there a way?

You can do this kind of schedule with Fixed Days. Just make sure you set it up to start early enough so that it finishes before 9am.