Open Hose Calculation Rate

I use one of my zones to refill my pool. I measured the open flow and it is 6 gallons per minute, which is 1,386 cubic inches per minute, or 83,160 cubic inches per hour. I tried to create a custom nozzle to track how much water I am using, The closest choice is an “Emitter”, and of course in trying to look this up, my app created a new nozzle that I cannot delete. Anyway, in trying to change the “PRECIP” to 83,160 in/hr, it does not save and defaults back to 2.01. Seems like a pretty simple fix to add some type of open water source nozzle. A lot of folks I know have their sprinkler system tied to their swimming pools to refresh during the summer months.

yea, i bet iro sees that pr and thinks this

You can delete a custom nozzle from the Android or IOS app.

Left menu bar --> Custom Nozzles. Android hold down to delete, iOS Slide to the right.

Is there a max area for a zone? I think you might be able to work around this if you set the nozzle to the max rate and increase the area as a result. As long as the final volume per hour matches I think that should work assuming the controller accepts the area.

Area will not effect a thing but the estimated water used

It sounds like that’s all he wants to do though, track water usage. I’m assuming he has a fixed schedule.

I thought we wanted a higher or so something like flex would know how often and much to water. My bad.