Open API

Cloud API and firmware is finished, will be live in a couple of days :slight_smile:

Free t-shirt to whoever creates the best mashup!

This is live. Let us know if there is other information you would like.

Coming soon, webhooks!

Franz - this is great!! Almost have first app working! Just under a couple of days… Need a way to get the token from somewhere other than the side of the page after login - how about an Oauth exchange with a redirect uri? Or do you have something already cooked up?

@cooperglee‌ Awesome, I was waiting for someone to ask for that :slight_smile: Let me figure out the best approach, should have something tomorrow.

Would like to see the variable “enabled” for each zone please…
i.e. current -->[id:a2ad9b2b-1412-4367-bfd4-d3958977632a, name:Big Boxes, zoneNumber:6] – add enabled:true

Thought that if a search for just the name would be sufficient, however, when the name is left blank in the Rachio App it populates with a default zone name with the number but that name is not populated from the API

@cooperglee‌ Good point, I added to zone. This will be promoted with the OAuth token changes.

Would also like to have the ‘name’ of the device come along with the device id in the /public/person/:id data. It makes it tough for a user to select a device just from the ID… Perhaps even the other pertinent data - status, zip, on, longitude, latitude…

@cooperglee‌ Ok, this has been modified to return the same device data that returns. Will be promoted with the OAuth token changes.

@cooperglee‌ These changes have been promoted to the cloud API.

@franz For the /public/person/:id service …

There is a node called “runtime”: 3643 …

What does that map to? Is that the number of seconds that zone is programmed to run? Is that a total aggregate of all the schedules for that zone? Or is that something completely different?

What is the unit for that? Is that in seconds?

My runtime is 4543. Divided by 60 would be 75.71 minutes? That’s too much since mine is 22 minutes.

What does “runtime” map to in either the mobile app or the web app?

One more question:


Will start_multiple start the zones in series (one after another) or all at the same time?


  1. Runtime is a new node, based in seconds. It is going to be part of our March release with flex schedules and the checking account concept on each zone. The levers that move that value are root zone depth, efficiency, nozzle precipitation inches per hour, and managed allowed depletion. I will be building articles explaining how everything works together. The derivation of that value is using industry standard algorithms which we will be publishing. For now, you can safely ignore :wink:
  2. /public/zone/start_multiple starts zones in a series. The controller is only rated for 3 zones at one time. If you are using a master valve, then only 2 zones at one time.

Let us know if you have any more questions or feedback and have a great day!

Any followup questions if you could reply as a new topic and build a dedicated thread for this, thanks!