Online Rachio 3 Manual

Hello. Prior to deciding to purchase a Rachio 3 controller, I have a number of questions. Most of these can likely be answered by perusing the owner’s manual. Is this manual available online?

Thank you so much.

Here is a link to the Quick Start Guide, videos, etc. If that does not answer questions, please feel free to post questions here or sending emails to Rachio (I did this before purchasing, but that was before I knew about this community).

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Thanks, Thomas. My questions really don’t apply to installation; but rather the programming of the controller. I currently have an older Hunter unit . I would like to compare the programming of the Rachio 3 to the Hunter.

@kitjv I don’t think there is a user manual in the usual sense. At least I haven’t ever come across one. Here are 2 links that might help. The first is general purpose. The second is specifically for programming the controller. And people here are more than happy to answer questions.

It is all done through the app. I would check out the Rachio channel on YouTube . . . maybe specifically “Rachio Schedules Overview – Choosing Your Schedule Type” or whichever one(s) looks of most interest or ask here.

Alturia & Thomas: Yes, helpful information. Thank you.iiIn addition, can I impoise on you with a few specific questions?

  1. If I set up a Flex Daily schedule, will the controller determine the days to water as well as the duration time on those days automatically?
  2. Do I determine the maximum duration time I want a particular station to water?
  3. Is it possible to set up both a Flex Daily schedule & a Fixed schedule and switch between the 2 as needed?
  4. Can the watering days & the duration time be changed through the app (assumingly on a Fixed schedule)?
  5. Can the entire system be shut off through the app?

My apologies if any of the above questions are confusing. Thank you.

Yes - Rachio will recommend the duration to water and the days to water. The actual days that it waters will change depending on the weather in a Flex Daily schedule because it depends on the evaporation each day. In a Flex Monthly schedule the days to water are regularly scheduled, that is every 2 days or 3 days, etc. Both schedules are driven by the variables such as root depth, amount of water applied, etc. You can alter any of the values Rachio defaults

Rachio will recommend a duration but you can go in via the app or web and increase it or decrease it.

Yes you can.

Yes you can change it via the app or the web

Yes, you can set the system to standby which will stop all watering.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Much appreciated!!

@kitjv No problem. If you decide to buy one and have questions let us know.

Looks like @Alturia was too quick in typing. :wink: I was in a work meeting and then had to eat something. You are more than welcome to ask more questions before you buy if you choose.