One Zone, Short Duration

Have 12 zones, 10 are grass with exactly the same settings. When I try to set up a schedule, both Flex and As Needed, Rachio schedules all but one of the zones at 19-20 minutes. The one remaining zone it schedules to start tomorrow morning for 3 minutes. Even though this zone shows as depleted today it ran for 2 minutes this morning when every other zone was 15 minutes or so. Again, settings are exactly the same. type of head, flat land, soil, etc. When Moisture level show as depleted for today and forecast for tomorrow. Available water is .01 which is LESS available water than the others scheduled for 19 minutes. I have deleted the schedules and recreated but always the same result. With everything being the same why is this one zone so short in duration? It needs as much water as the zones next to it. I was up and running fine without this problem up until today. The only thing I have changed, not sure why it would matter, is that I added on a new Netatmo weather station w/rain gauge last night. Now today this is going on. Can’t see why they would be related but thought I would add what I changed.

Is this just an odd item that will be updated to a more expected setting when it looks at what is going on an hours before scheduled tomorrow morning? Any comments appreciated.

What you,added shouldn’t matter.

This feels like, mad is at 1% or the root zone is at 1 inch. So your saying that every single property of 2 zones are identical?

Yes, every one, checked them a dozen times. Had it on a slight slant land type setting and changed that so it matched the others. Root Zone set at 9". Has me stumped. Wouldn’t worry too much I guess had it not watered for 4 minutes this morning when everything else got 15-20 or so and again it shows as depleted.

Did you play with durations at all? Making the water droplets more or less?

Would be happy to let you in to my settings to see what is going on. Just checking everything against the other zones, same thing. Same settings.

I asked about durations as I had an identical problem. Zones looked exactly the same. Then I discovered that I had totally forgotten I had made a change to one of the zones last year with the duration droplets, and bingo, that was it. From your description, it doesn’t sound like the problem, but it would be worth looking at just in case.

Does the detail in the moisture levels look like all of them are doing the same amount of inches of water?

Yes, the same.

I haven’t touched a thing after creating the schedule. Haven’t changed the ± on the droplet at all.

Just checked, the droplet setting is the same as the others. The middle setting…

Went in and changed the droplet ± from the middle setting to max and it went from 3 minutes to 5. Normal grass zones are at 24. Spray zones at 15 minutes. This zone, 3 minutes.

@hdsteele If you PM me which is the zone in question will do some research.


Thanks Franz, PM sent.

Zone 8 has an available water capacity of .01 which is close to zero. Your other zones are .07 which is crazy low also. Our defaults for loam are .17, clay loam are .20. it looks like you might have inadvertently adjusted all of these.


Thanks Franz.I haven’t touched any of them that I know of. Certianly didn’t go in and change all 10 zones. Not important I guess…? How do I fix this, how do I get everything back to normal or base/suggested levels? What is the standard for Loamy Sand? Should I go in and manually change them back to that setting?

From iOS or Android go into Advanced Zone Settings and tap on ‘Use Default Values’.

I’ll double check to see how those values got set…

I rest to default for all zones and am now showing matching duration as compared to the other zones. Seems to have fixed it. Your screen shot above, that isn’t my zone is it? I have never seen those settings. One thing I realized is that I have been editing from inside the standard app not the beta Flex page. It is a Flex schedule. Could that have caused the confusion. I knew it had to be something I did…just couldn’t find out what that was!

@hdsteele I’ve opened a ticket with the development team to do some more research. It shouldn’t matter which app you were using.


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Thank you franz. Haven’t a clue if it is associated at all but I also noticed that when I entered a root depth I would save it and then see later on that it had changed slightly. Entered 9" and when I checked back it showed 8.94" or something similar. No big deal operationally but don’t know why it would change to something different than what I entered.

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I used see this quite a bit. In my case, I use the scroll wheel on my mouse to scroll down to save the settings. Didn’t notice also that the scroll wheel was rolling back the number I entered. Hit save and came back later to see that my number had changed. Now that I’m aware of it, I click outside the setting before scrolling down and hitting save. Seems to work for me.

So, I just checked some of mine, I had 4 that were set to .03 available water. I’m almost certain I didn’t set these to that value.

I’ll keep watching.