One Zone Reporting Incorrect Soil Moisture

Reporting for my parents ( I can share their account email via dm, its not the email I am posting from )

we had a whole lot of rain today in the Houston area and all the zones in their yard are showing 110% moisture except for one which is at 42%. I looked at a shrub zone that is similar to it and saw it had the same advanced settings.

any idea on how to debug ?

any help on this issue ?

Define a “whole lot of rain”. Chances are, many of the zones could have been in the upper levels of moisture balance, and this one zone was nearly depleted, ready to water. When the rain hit, it pushed most of the zones to the cap of 110%, while the depleted zone mustered 42%.

Post a screenshot of the moisture balance for the week.

My initial guess is the shrub zone has much longer roots defined in the app which will take longer to fill with either irrigation or precipitation.


they have two shrub zones set with the same value , one zone was showing fully saturated while the other one was at 42%. Im not at home so I dont have access to the moisture level but between Sep 8 to Sep 10 we had at least an inch of rain and a lot of sporadic 15 mins showers since then.

I can send their account email address to you ? ( I think they did change one zone to something else to see if it changed the value )