One zone is not working

I have one zone in my 6 zone system not working. I notice the sprinkler head did have a little flow of water coming out, so i removed the sprinkler and installed a new one with the same results. After that i just removed the sprinkler head and turn on the zone to see if there was any pressure going to the zone which usually the water would go up 4 or 5 ft in the air and it didnt at all. What i did notice the water rizing up very slowly i turned it off and now im thinking there is a leak in the pipping. Please help what should i do?

@Dk1navy - I’d start with the valve for that zone and see if it had debris in it or is not working properly. If there was a leak in the line piping I would think there would be obvious ponding or a geyser where the leak is if there is very little pressure getting to that zone/head.

Thanks for your quick response Dlane. Im a newbee at this where would the valve for the zones be located? Please tell me its above ground.

@Dk1navy - look for a round green cover in the ground. Those are typically used for valve boxes. Sometimes it will be rectangular if there is a gang of them in one location. Most valves are installed in ground in a valve box, some are installed above ground in a gang installation with the piping then running under ground. I’d look in the valve box closest to the sprinkler that isn’t working.