One Zone Does Not Work

I have the 2nd generation controller. All 9 zones have been working but now the #2 does not work. All other zones work. The Controller indicates that this zone is working as I set it for 3 minutes and it acts and shows that it is working but no water.

Dave. Suggest you 1) Use VOM to check the Zone 2 wiring continuity and valve resistance as follows: Remove Controller power (OFF), set VOM to OHMs, place the VOM leads on wires/terminals at Zone 2 and Common (C). The wires/valve should be good if you read 20-60 OHMS. If not (Open/High reading), you have a wire break somewhere or a bad valve connection (check connectors near valve). 2) If wiring checks out, then check controller operation as follows: Power-Up Controller (ON) - wait for Controller online and happy. Set zone 2 to operate/water. Set VOM to AC VOLTs and place leads across Zone 2 and Common (C) again. You should see 24-28 VAC on zone 2. If no voltage, I’d suspect the Controller.

Thanks TurfMan. I just tried the manual selection of zone 2 (removed cover) and again it does not work. Tried zone 1 in manual system and it works fine. Will get into checking the valve tomorrow. First I have to find the box! Been in the house 7 years and never had to touch a water valve. I also restarted the controller b4 the above actions.

I know what you mean about never looking at valve boxes - same with me. :). Remember, you don’t need to go to the boxes yet, you can/should check the valve wires starting at the controller without power. If you get some continuity across wires between Common and Zone 2 (60 Ohms or so) then your wiring should be good. If both the OHMS and VOLTS check out, I’d look for dirt in the solenoid area of the valve - the air “tubes/ports” (that create the vacuum to open) need to be free of dirt/sand. Look online on how to clean the valves.

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Sounds like a valve or solenoid issue. When you find the box, see if you can manually run the zone from the valve by either turning the solenoid a 1/4 turn, or turning the bleed screw (depending on valve model). If it doesn’t work, it would indicate an issue with the diaphragm inside the valve. If it does work, it would point towards a solenoid issue, or possibly wiring, or could possibly still be an issue with the diaphragm.

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