One time calibration of water usage using water meter and time

It’s seems feasible to correctly estimate the water usage by doing an initial water meter reading and then cycling through zones and entering the change.

Keep everyone in the household from using water for an hour or so and then cycle each zone for 10 minutes with a pause to read the meter between zones or however long required to get an accurate reading.

Then, within the app, you could enter the initial and after meter reading after each zone runs for the specified period. All subsequent waterings the app would extrapolate a very good estimate for actual usage knowing the flow per time per zone.

I can see however that this may cut into sales of the flow meter being sold.

Thanks! Great product!!


That doesnt work in one of my cases. One of my zones is a waterfall autofill. I have an electronic level detector that cuts off the valve when it reaches a certain level. I run the autofill circuit when the waterfall is not running.

As a result you have to actually measure the flow meter at the beginning and the of the circuit run and you cannot use the calibration amount * time run because it may not actually run the whole time.

My current problem is that I am using a single 1/4 inch line to trickle fill the basin and it does not generate enough flow velocity to the flow meter. So I need to get a larger line in there.