One-shot postpone?

Hi, I’m new here, so please bear with me.

In my home, the demand for water at different times during a 24 hour period is somewhat unpredictable. The main reason for this is that I have two teenage daughters living with me. More often than I’d like, one of them is trying to use water while the Iro is trying to irrigate.

Two bad things happen:

  1. The irrigation heads don’t get the water pressure they’ve been adjusted for, hence they don’t cover the intended areas

  2. My daughter doesn’t get the water pressure she’s used to, for her shower/whatever.

  3. I get yelled at for having the irrigation “controlled by HAL”. (OK, three bad things.)

It’d be useful if the Rachio interface had a quick-and-easy “Postpone” button with the semantics: “Please suspend whatever you’re currently doing for an hour, then resume what you were doing.”

Hope this isn’t already there and I simply missed it.

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Kids these days and their sense of entitlement!


Unfortunately, the best we have now is a rain delay, which does skip the schedule, and not postpone like you are asking for. We are rebuilding our entire scheduling infrastructure to support pause, multiple daily run times, and a lot of other asked for features, but this will be some time before being available.

Hope this helps.



It’s not a solution but can you start your schedules much earlier? The best time to water is 4-5 am…

Thanks for the info/suggestions. Really meant the posting as a future feature suggestion.


@klandingham Definitely on the product road map!


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This speaks to the pause while showering thread I had started earlier. With complimentary tech, you’re really at a watershed moment for this.

Echo: "tell rachio to pause the currently running schedule for 45 minutes"
SmartThings (through IFTTT or not): If motion in bathroom, then pause currently running schedule for 45 minutes.
Simple programming: If Rachio is running, pause currently running scheduled between 6:30 and 7:30 for 45 minutes.
With flow meter: Pause currently running schedule for flow greater than “x”. This one would take some work.

There’s only so early you can start watering, and with dynamic scheduling, it becomes virtually impossible to create schedules that don’t have decent chance of being in process when someone gets in the shower. I start at 2:45. If everything runs, it finishes at like 10am.

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With flow meter: Pause currently running schedule for flow greater than “x”. This one would take some work.

I think obmd1 has suggested the best answer - IMO the key point is not showering or whatever, rather it is that “something” is trying to use the water during a scheduled irrigation event…the Iro shouldn’t care about the reason (e.g. showering, laundry, dishwasher, etc.) Whatever the reason, if the water pressure is lower than some preset limit, it probably should postpone starting a watering session (and maybe even interrupt one in progress?).

I wonder…would something like a well pump pressure switch work? Not sure what the Iro has for external interfaces (like I said, I’m a noob).

Besides, with my two aforementioned teenage daughters, the detect-movement-in-bathroom approach would wipe my lawn out … one word: makeup.


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