One particular zone runs with othe zones

I bought 16 zone Rachio 3 towards the end of last year. It was working fine but now my zone 11 always starts and stops with all the other zones. I tried manual quick run from controller as well but the same issue exists.

I removed the wiring to zone 11 in the controller but the same issue exists.

Next to the zone there is a valve box containing two hunter PVG valves. I did manually 1/4 turn as indicated in solenoid but the sprinkler head did not popup. i tried turning solenoid in other valve but no change.

I’m not sure to identify which valve controls zone 11 or in general valve to zone mapping!

Hope you can give me some guidance on this before I call the irrigation technician.

Usually indicative of a valve failing. When the diaphragm is damaged or worn, or the spring is weak, an adjacent zone firing up can cause low pressure behind the diaphragm causing the zone to turn on, similar to the solenoid firing.

You’ll need to identify which valve zone 11 is and replace, at a minimum, the diaphragm. However, my recommendation is to just buy a whole new valve (same make and model), as they usually aren’t much more than just a diaphragm, and replace the guts and top, while leaving the valve body in place.


Issue is resolved after cleaning the zone. Appreciate the help I got from the community.

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