One or two Rachio's across separate taps... what would you do

Hi there,

I currently have one 8 zone Rachio which is currently utilising all 8 zones across two tap outlets as follows:

Backyard - Tap 1
6 Zones (6 solenoid valves)
1 Master (1 solonoid valve)

Frontyard - Tap 2
2 Zones (2 solenoid valve)
This area triggers the master valve in the back yard for no reason when running as the Rachio doesn’t allow for two separate master valves (as far as I know)

I’m about to tear up the front yard and in the process will be dropping in lawn irrigation on a separate zone. My options as I see it are as follows:

Option 1
Combine the current 2 zones in the front yard to one to free up a new zone for the lawn irrigation. There are no issues combining the 2 existing zones as I separated them simply as they are two distinct garden beds. This solution would mean the front yard still does not have a dedicated master solenoid

Option 2
Install a new separate 8 zone Rachio Controller for the front yard and either wire it up as 2 or 3 zones AND introduce a master valve for the front yard tap.

Do you think there is significant need for a master valve at each tap. I know it’s good redundancy for if a valve sticks open. Would you go to the effort of Option 2 OR would you go down the path of consolidating a zone and operating with one piece of hardware.

@Dukebox - I think the answer may depend on the flow rate for the various front yard zones and how identical their soil and evapotranspiration rates are. In other words, can the one tap supply both front gardens with enough flow and are they the same type of plants with similar exposure? For the lawn irrigation, will it be plumbed out of the tap or the main line.

Also, one can use two solenoids to drop out the back yard master valve when the front zone runs.