One of three zones not watering

My Rachio app indicates that all 3 of my zones are watering each morning but one zone is not. Help!

Any indication why? Is it on the same schedule? What was/is the soil moisture?

It’s the second zone out of 3 total. Zones 1and 3 water properly but no water from Zone 2 even though my app says it’s watering

Hard to tell with the limited information. It could be soil moisture, bad solenoid, loose/broken wire, etc.

If Rachio says it is watering, but the zone is not responding, it is an issue with wiring, solenoid, or the diaphragm inside of the valve that needs replacing.

Swap the cables over between zones 2 < – > 3, and then do a Quick Run on Zone 2 (which was 3 and is a known good zone).

Then do the same test on Zone 3 (which was Zone 2). This will prove if the zone solenoid is faulty, or if it was the Rachio port connection.


Any joy ?