One of our first "in the wild" flow leaks detected

Fun feedback we got this morning.

My dad was awoken early this morning with a leak detected. He went out and checked and indeed he had a head in this zone that popped off. So he skipped the zone.


Leak detection is an excellent idea but there’s a big flaw in the software. It doesn’t seem to care if there’s a leak when the controller isn’t actively attempting to water. I had a valve stuck open all day and didn’t hear a peep from the Rachio app. It also didn’t measure any of that usage, I’m guessing on the order of 10,000 gallons if it has been stuck open since it ran last night. It would definitely have been very useful if I had gotten an alert, yet this system let me down when I needed it most. Please add leak detection and usage tracking all the time, not just when the system thinks it’s watering.


@obolobo Thanks for this “real” world feedback. I’ll relay all of this information to the product team. Having these different use cases will allow us to enhance the flow meter product.


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I know this is an old thread but I am happy that there is flow detection with a program not running.

I have had numerous alerts from my customers systems that resulted in catching their leak before the leak was able to impact their water bill.


@spscoutenPhD Really appreciate this post and the fact that we are helping your customers find and fix leaks!

I’m looking forward to previewing some of our Flow updates in the near future with better support for drip systems and more responsive calibration!


That sounds great. I wonder if a pressure sensor would be in the works as well.

Some types of precipitation can vary depending on pressure which causes the calibration to change its detection ability.

Most of the water purveyors I’m my area boost pressure during normal irrigation hours of varied schedules.

My WFS calibrations May take place out of those windows and may create false alarms during the actual irrigation scheduled run.