One of my schedules does not show up on calendar

I have two schedules set up and both enabled. I have one coded blue for lawns and the other coded red for drip. Only the blue schedule shows up on the calendar. It is Flex Monthly Schedule. The red is set up as Fixed Schedule (Tue, Thur, Sat). For the red it shows no future waterings. The date ranges are correct. Any suggestions? Thanks

If you have bluegrass, the coded blue is fine. I code mine as green as that is what I want, green grass. Just kidding about the coded color. :wink:

I have both of mine set as flex daily and see only one scheduled for drip at this time for the next couple of weeks, but see many for the lawn. I would presume you have the soil types and other parameters set up correctly. What does it show for your soil moisture for the different types of zones?

Maybe the zones on the fixed schedule aren’t enabled or have an end/date on the fixed schedule

Check to make sure that the schedules are actually enabled, and that they weren’t accidentally set up with an end date.

Yes they are enabled and end date is in October 2021.

This is a silly question, but when you say “it doesn’t show up on the calendar”… does it not show up at all? Or is it there if you click on the date? This drove me crazy on my iPhone until I realized that it only shows one of the colors in the month view (with a small number below it) if there are multiple schedules that day, but shows the multiple schedules in the day view.

For some miraculous reason, both schedules now show up on the calendar. I don’t know how to see the day view of the calendar. Thanks