"Once" schedule?

So my grass was sprayed for weeds today and I need to water it in. I have already done this once, so I have a disabled schedule set for “Every Day at 5AM”. So I could just turn this on and turn it off again tomorrow. Or I could turn it on and adjust the End Date for tomorrow (and hope that End Date includes tomorrow, and not stops tomorrow, but maybe it does). Or I could set it for tonight at 10:30, but then I can’t actually set the End Date for today even if the time is set later today.

What would be nice would be to set the schedule to just “Once” and have it auto-disable itself after the next run.

Or perhaps there is some other way to deal with this situation (which can’t be all that uncommon - other people must deal with watering in weed sprays and such).


The best solution today is create a schedule, turn off all weather intelligence, disable it, then you can always just run it manually from the edit schedule screen.

Does this help?

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Not really, I don’t really want to get up at 5AM to run the schedule ;-).

So it seems the best bet is to just enable it with a completion date, or just enable an every day action and write a note for myself to disable it tomorrow.

Oh well, hopefully this can be noted down as a feature request - at least some way to deal with this issue of running it just once.

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Hey @peterneillewis-

I am changing this to feature request for ya so we can log it accordingly :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback!


PS- another idea would be to create a google calendar event when you want the schedule to run and keep it disabled. Then set up an IFTTT applet to run the disabled schedule when the calendar event happens! Just an idea, don’t know if you use IFTTT at all.


Interesting idea. I could see how that could work, but I think a sticky note on my desk will probably do the trick and hopefully it’ll make it as a feature one day.

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