Once a week

Hi Everyone.
I have a rachio 3 and been trying to play around with it.

I have a flex daily schedule set up and I only water each zone for about 5 minutes.
The annoying past is even though I am running it for 5 minutes, Flex daily decides it want’s to water 1x every 2 weeks. I have to manually go in and do the fill/empty.

Not sure what it’s reading to do that. Any suggestions to get it to water a bit more frequently?

If you increase the crop coefficient setting, the zone will water more often. This is found under advanced settings for the zone.

Another option is to create a fixed schedule, however you will not be utilizing Rachio’s smart/intelligent capibilities with this type of schedule.

I put to the max and now it looks like it will water at least 2x a week. Thank you

While maxing out the crop coefficient did what you want it to do, there are obviously other settings that are very wrong in your setup that really should be fixed, otherwise you are going to run into other issues when next summer hits.

Any suggestions? Should I submit a screenshot of what the settings look like?

Yes. Share your settings, both the basic and advanced. Also, normally Flex Daily will decide how LONG to water, as well as frequency. If you manually dialed it back, it won’t change the frequency, and you most likely will end up underwatering. Not knowing what type of sprinklers you have, or what kind of vegetation this zone has, 5 minutes probably isn’t enough. The “correct” way to water is longer durations, less frequently.

The only thing, other than the Crop Coefficient that you just changed that I personally don’t like is the 9" root depth. If you normally water for 5 minutes, I highly doubt you have root depth of 9". I like to keep warm season grass at about 6, maybe 8 if you have a VERY established lawn.

Also, not sure where you are, but warm season grass right now would require VERY little water, if any at all, as in most areas it goes dormant.

I am in Florida and have St. Augustine grass. I also have plants, tress and bushes that are inside the zones.
There are some settings I have to play around with, ex: zone 6 has a few rotating nozzles.

Do you have mixed heads in a single zone? If so, I’d highly suggest swapping zones out so that all the heads are the same.

Do the plants only get water from the sprinklers, or are you saying that there is some type of drip mixed in?

These were the sprinklers that came with the house. All heads are stationary except the backyard they all rotate.

The plants either get water from the sprinkler or if I water them myself. No drip.

Do you know the make and model of the actual sprinkler nozzles?

I’ll have to take A picture of the pop up sprinklers but they ones above ground are rain bird