On the hottest day in history...(Sept 1)

…Rachio sends me a Seasonal Shift message announcing that September would get less water than August. This is not clever. At the time I received the message, I was at the property hand-watering bushes to prevent them from dying. We’re in the middle of a heat wave.

In fact, Rachio sent a notice back on on August 1 that a seasonal shift was being applied, because August was supposedly cooler. Um, no. My expensive landscaping wilted. I counteracted the seasonal shift.

I love Rachio, the design is intelligent, the hardware is well built. But I’m deactivating all climate shifts and seasonal changes and other automatic adjustments. Yes, I will use more water, but my landscape will survive. I’ll remember to reduce watering in the winter and increase it in the spring.

Bottom line: The theory of Seasonal Shifts etc is good. But applying it on the hottest day of the year, during a heat wave, is stupid. Rachio needs to build more granularity into its weather algorithms, and take heatwaves etc. into account. I’m sure that the weather station I am connected to told Rachio that the temperatures here have exceeded 100 degrees F


P.S. San Jose, California, in case Rachio is fact checking this post. Weather Station KSJC. Over 100 degrees all day, and yesterday, and same predicted for tomorrow.

Same happened, in Los Angeles as well.

Flex Daily schedules do that.

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Where can I find step-by-step instructions to disable seasonal shift? 105 F here in Tucson.