OLD ESP-LX to dual Rachio 3 units

hi, would appreciate any guidance as I plan to set up duo Rachio three controllers with two isolators as an upgrade from my very old Rainbird controller. I have a plan on how I will be dividing the zones between the two controllers, but I am a little fuzzy on the Commons, MV and anything else I might be missing. Looks like I have 2 commons? So would I follow this diagram and join both commons with the two whites coming down from the isolators, the the MV to the red coming down from isolators?

Also. What are the two red wires going into the 24VAC terminals?

Anything else I may be missing in my mapping? Thanks for any input!

@Jobber104 - I’m guessing the two red wires on the 24 VAC terminals go to a wireless rain sensor. It looks like the wires go to the cable with the sensor wires. It can only be connected to one Rachio, if desired. Rachio will use the internet forecast for temperature, wind or rain delays instead of the physical sensor.

Yes, there are two commons. Wire nut them together and connect to the isolator common. Follow the isolator directions for the MV.

The two Rachios won’t communicate with each other, so they will need to be configured where they won’t be running at the same time as there may not be enough water pressure/volume to run two zones at the same time.

Thanks for the reply and confirmation!